Department of Pathology
  The Pathology and Cytology Divisions are one of the best in the country staffed by able and experienced individuals. Technologically, they are backed by facilities for immuno-chemistry, cytogenetics, electron microscopy, flow cytometry and the advanced molecular technologies of the research center.

The Dept. deals with mainly biopsy and surgical specimens for initial diagnosis and treatment planning. Biopsies are also done during follow-up to assess the response to treatment in suspicious cases. Radical surgeries are done specially after radiotherapy and plan for further treatment.
No. of Investigations per day

6-7 major operations with 40-60 tissue bits per specimen.
7-10 minor operations with 10-30 tissue bits per specimen.
30-40 biopsies per day, which include punch biopsies/ endoscopic biopsies/wedge biopsies/other biopsies.
Special stains for AFB, GMS, Reticulin, Mucin, PAS, Geimsa Van Giems stain, Massonís bichrome etc.,
Section cutting, staining, mounting etc for 400 biopsies per day
Slides reported per day are around 500-600
Frozen sections, Surgical Margins, wide excision specimens, radical surgeries, suspected malignancies to proceed for radical operation, when routine biopsies are and for adequacy of specimens in problem cases.
Interpretation of immunology for slides in problem cases, 5-6 cases per day, (prognostic marker studies in breast cancer). IHC studies are done for Kesatin, EMA, CD20, CD 45R, CD-3, AFP, PLAP 5.00p, HMB45, Muscle action, NSE, CD99, GFAP, CD34, CD31, CD68, Syraptophyrin, αCD, PSA, Lambda, IgA, IgG, IgD, CEA (ER,PR, c-erbb2, p53 protein).


  Details of work carried out per year.
  Number of sections from biopsy specimen  80654
  Number of sections from surgical specimen  250880
  Number of sections done for histochemical studies  22308
  Number of frozen sections studied  5426
  Total number of sections studied  359268
  Total number of specimen dissection  2293


Lecture classes for DM, MCh, MD/DMRT students.
Practical demonstration classes for DM, MCh, MD/DMRT students.
Clinics pathological meeting.


Role of routine application of stain for mucin in cervical carcinomas.
Study of Helicobacter Pylori in patients presenting with Gastric Symptoms and to evaluate any possible role with Gastric Cancer.